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due to ongoing problems with unauthorised access to communications and impersonation this site has no association with any companies with similar names. This is not an HR consultancy and has no connection to high barnet. I am based in the UK and do not work with anyone in UK or abroad claiming to be related to me.


London based zebraventures.com was founded in 2006 by Kavita Copas to support individuals and organisations looking to do something fresh and innovative. By drawing on a varied experience of working across disciplines and sectors zebraventures.com seeks out unexpected perspectives and insights with the aim of making a positive commercial and social impact.

zebraventures.com offers due diligence services, consultancy and individual coaching:

  • Engage with individuals and organisations
  • Harness the benefits of technology
  • Encourage progress through innovation
  • Learn by experiment

Whether you work with zebraventures.com for a few days, weeks or months, the approach will be open minded and results driven. Contact to start a dialogue. To find out more about coaching click here.

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